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Ten Reasons to Promote Celebrity Cash Sites:
Our specialized celebrity sites will quench the public’s thirst for celebrity gossip, news, and photos
There are zillions of celebrity magazines, TV shows, and web sites. The public’s need for celebrities grows every day. Our sites offer more nude content than our competitors with multiple updates every day and exclusive features only available in Celebrity Cash sites. This means more dollars in your pocket!
Celebrity RSS Feeds Get High Clicks and Great Conversions
Celebrity News, Top Ten Lists, Today’s Birthdays, Latest Movie Reviews and other RSS feeds are continually updated throughout each and every day. By themselves or mixed in with other content, they always offer your visitors something new to click on, with exceptional conversion rates that maximize your profits and reduce your labor.
FREE NUDE Celebrity Content That We Serve On Our Dime!
Our dedicated promotional content servers guarantee you’ll always have fresh, nude content delivered at lightning speeds, at no cost to you! All nude video clips, photos and exclusive features are updated daily!
Our Celebrity Analysts Make Sure Our Tours Are Always Fresh!
Unlike many programs who’s tours never seem to change, our tours change almost daily with the latest gossip, nude photos, news, movie reviews and more - nothing old here. This keeps conversions way up meaning more money for you! And, because all of our tours look different, ours sites appeal to a wider audience.
Exclusive, Legal Content Means No Worries For You
Our sites are far more than just collections of the same old celebrity photos. Our full time, dedicated content developers create lots of “exclusive” content members’ can’t find on other sites. And what’s the best part about celebrity content? It does not require 2257 maintenance like other types of content!!!
More Money With Our Webmaster Incentive Awards Programs
Hey, we know everyone performs better in life when performance is rewarded. So we offer a variety of bonus programs, contests, and other incentives to reward you for your hard work. Most Joins, Higher Payout Day, Best Conversion Ratio, and other contests will give you the extra income you’ve been looking for and keep your paychecks growing like never before!
Epassporte Means Getting Paid Is Easier Than Ever
Celebrity Cash is committed to offering a wide variety of payment methods so that webmasters virtually anywhere on the globe can be assured of prompt payment. If you'd like to use this option simply drop a note a note via our Contact Page.
Our Advanced, Cookie-Free Tracking Never Misses A Join
We use an advanced system that eliminates the possibility of lost signups. Our stats system helps you maximize every visitor by revealing what works best on your site with the use of linking code markers.
Trusted Billing Partner Guarantees Accurate Payouts
You put a lot of trust in partnership sites when you send them traffic and you should expect them to pay you honestly and consistently. CCBill, the adult industry's leader in e-commerce transaction processing has been around for years and has proven far more stable than other billing solutions.
Our Affiliate Support Is Second to None
Whether you have a simple question or need a complete site review, our support specialists are ready and eager to help you find ways to maximize your traffic and increase your revenue today!
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